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IT’S HERE!! It’s Here, It’s Here, It’s Here!

I don’t think that I’ve ever achieved quite this level of geekdom happiness before.  As I mentioned here once before, Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot was one of my favourite childhood TV shows. Thanks to the magic of DVD technology I now own the entire series. Twenty six episodes of cheesy sci-fi goodness, plus the feature-length movie. I need to go regress to the level of a 6-year-old now (albeit with beer) so I’ll be stepping offline in a moment, and may be gone for some time. Stand by for a review.


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Yes. The Past Was Better

I’ve never made any secret of my love for Gerry Anderson’s “Thunderbirds”. I loved all of his shows that made it to our local  television network and Thunderbirds was by far and away my favourite of the lot.  Just as an aside I owe many thanks to Flash for aiding and abetting my addiction. Therefore when I came across this webpage  imagine my frustration when I read these sentences –  “Many have radio control capability” and “The huge Thunderbird 2 has motorized, telescopic legs and stunning interior detail“. It Comes with missiles! Missiles!  Dammit! Why did I not have these as a child! Oh yeah, they apparently weren’t available in my part of  Canada. For no other reason than that I want to, I blame Stephan Harper for this. Now I’m off to haunt Ebay in hopes of fulfilling retroactive childhood desires.

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Finally, The Story Can Be Told

On occasion, Flash and I discuss the TV shows of our youth and I always bring up the show Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot , the stirring tale of a young Japanese boy and , well, his flying robot, about which all information can be found here .  Sadly, neither Flash nor any others in the room can remember ever seeing this fine example of early Japanese television. In fact, when I bring it up people tend to look askance and shake their heads in pity, as if I had commented on memories of mermaids in Shepody Bay, or manticores living in the woods behind my house. This always saddens me, as it was required Saturday morning viewing when I was a young boy in Dorchester NB. Actually, anything that provided a distraction from life in Dorchester NB was required viewing. Exciting the place was not, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. What is here and there is the now available on demand DVD set of the complete series . I can now prove to everyone that my memories of this show are not just the delusional memories of a misspent and opium addled youth. Now, if I can just get over the Thunderbirds fixation.


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Brass Always Beats Beige Plastic

As some of my various blogmates may know, I’ve a fondness for the Steampunk esthetic ( no, I don’t dress up like a  gear encrusted Victorian explorer but I do like to build things). That’s why when I see something like this, which I sadly don’t have the metalworking  skills to build myself, the first thing through my mind is “I WANT ONE OF THOSE”

Anyway, my point is this: Not all of the geekiness that we celebrate here is concerned with comics and obscure sci-fi.  That and if one of these keyboards somehow showed up on my doorstep, I would ask no embarrassing questions and be filled with the kind of gratitude that only a geek could feel at such an occasion. Also,  everyone needs to check out Datamancer‘s website because after all, Christmas is coming and we could all use a little geektech in our lives.


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Everyone Needs a Higher Power, Don’t They?

By order of the Queen I’m off for the Arctic in the morning, which for the next month will reduce my blogposting (already sadly negligable anyway) to pretty much nil. So here’s an old favourite of mine as a parting gift, courtesy of the good folks at Home on the Strange , a now sadly defunct webcomic. As those of us here at “Revenge…” and our sister blog Blevkog are both heathens and Dr. Who fans this seemed most appropriate.


Finally, if you’ve stumbled across this fine blog of ours I really recommend you pop over to Home on the Strange and check it out. If Google gets annoying then you can use the link over on Blevkog. See you all in a month.


(Note: Thanks to Dan for the catch on the comics actual title. Repairs have been made. Sometimes I type without thinking. It’s good to have a backup team)


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Is He As Fast If His Costume Isn’t Skintight?

The fondness this blog’s founder holds for the cartoon character The Flash is, well, it’s self-evident really. With that and most importantly the return of said cartoon character from DC Comics heaven in mind, here’s a Victorian version him, by way of celebration. Also, a link to the original site. In case you prefer other costumed crusaders.



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Because I Deserve One, That’s Why!

My brother has often told me when I complain about the lack thereof that disrupter rays do exist. The knowledge is just being kept from me because I would use them. That said, There’s only two things wrong with this picture. 1) They’re completely sold out with no apparent plans to build more and 2) They aren’t actually real, just small desk-top models.  That’s a shame because I’ve  just bought a 1/4ton truck and I’m sure that one of these could have been mounted in the bed  for highway driving. If it were real that is.  My life is just one long string of disappointments.moon_hater_2_420


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