Because I Deserve One, That’s Why!

My brother has often told me when I complain about the lack thereof that disrupter rays do exist. The knowledge is just being kept from me because I would use them. That said, There’s only two things wrong with this picture. 1) They’re completely sold out with no apparent plans to build more and 2) They aren’t actually real, just small desk-top models.  That’s a shame because I’ve  just bought a 1/4ton truck and I’m sure that one of these could have been mounted in the bed  for highway driving. If it were real that is.  My life is just one long string of disappointments.moon_hater_2_420



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4 responses to “Because I Deserve One, That’s Why!

  1. Flash

    That… Is… Awesome.
    I love the name, and it looks incredible.
    What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah.
    Nice one.:)

  2. Doug

    Here’s the link- . I’d also be happy owning an “Unnatural Selector”. If it was real that is.

  3. dan

    That does look cool – and very, very authentic, not surprising, since it’s from Weta Workshops, the same people who did ‘Lord of the Rings’….

  4. Doug

    I’m heartened that neither of you have questioned my belief that I deserve one of these. Don’t worry, if they ever actually become available for purchase I promise to only use it’s powers for good. Well, what I deem to be good. It may differ somewhat from the common view but what are you gonna do. I’ll be the one with the Moon Hater death ray.

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