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Improbable Commercials…

Because nothing says ‘Gelatin Dessert’ like a Prisoner of War camp:


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My Favorite Pastime


Is collecting View-Masters and reels. Nothing makes me happier than to find a new set of reels , or a new viewer, or another projector. My most recent reel set is a packaged 3-reel “Mork and Mindy” set from the 1970s. I also have original 1960s Lost in Space, Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Bonanza sets, as well as countless scenic reels, the oldest being from 1948.

A couple of reel sets I am most proud of:



I personally had never seen a commercial for View-Masters, so I had never seen this one, with Henry Fonda and a very young Jodie Foster:

Just as a few examples, I have one of these, produced between 1944 and 1947:

Sawyers View-Master Model B (common black version)

A bunch of these, 1946-1955:

Sawyers View-Master Model C  (early outlined versions)

A few of these, 1955-1977:

g-viewerOne of these bizarre and nearly non-functional models, 1986-1990:

m-viewerAnd a couple of these, 1989-1996:


All in all, it is a fun hobby, and surprisingly inexpensive. You wouldn’t believe how many people remember and love the View-Master.

I know I do!

Flash (Klik-klik)


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I Think People Were Just Stupid Back Then…

That’s the answer that springs immediately to mind while watching this commercial:

I mean, seriously – they didn’t GET that? Perhaps detect a slight HINT of a double entendre? Is that why the lady with the Hair Helmet (TM) winks at the end?

This now seems more like an ‘SNL’ commercial parody than a real commercial…



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