Bis Zum Bitteren Ende/To the Bitter End

So, being on a bit of a German kick this week, I’ve decided to post another great song, this one by a band I like quite a lot, Die Toten Hosen (lit. The Dead Trousers).


This one is an excellent drinking song called Bis Zum Bitteren Ende, the text of which follows – keep in mind the translation is not exact:

Und die Jahre ziehen ins Land / Through the Years, from across the country

und wir trinken immer noch ohne Verstand / and still we drink without understanding

denn eins das wissen wir gans genau / but we know one thing for sure

Ohne Alk da waere der Alltag zu Grau / without alcohol every day would be grey

Korn, Bier, Schnaps und Wein / Korn, beer, schnapps and wine

und wir hoeren unsere Leber schreien / and we hear our livers scream

Und wenn einmahl de Abschied naht / and if our parting approaches

sagen alle das hab ich schon immer geahnt / I’ll say it’s as I always suspected

As it is a live recording, it starts with some banter to the crowd, as they try to get the audience to be quiet (Ruhe!) so they can start the song. I have loved this song for a long time – hope you enjoy it too!


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