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The Avengers is A… Remake?

Thanks to YouTube user whoiseyevan, we can now enjoy the trailer for the original Avengers film, made in 1952… Which, oddly, is about a decade before the Avengers debuted. Oh well, enjoy – and check out his site for many more ‘Premakes’!

Plus, check out this video’s frame-by-frame breakdown!


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Buck Rogers Goodness

In an earlier post, some discussion was made of reviving the Buck Rogers franchise, and while the proposed movie is still said to be in the works, there is going to be a revival of sorts, in the form of a webseries. Here we see a short teaser trailer:

One thing’s for sure – they definitely seem to be going for retro in a big way for this one. And here we see the young Buck Rogers in his pre-cryogenics days, complete with a couple of guest stars:

This seems to be a tradition – IIRC, Buster Crabbe made an appearance in the TV series…

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Santa’s Got Something for You…

There is just so much disturbing here – mostly the expression on Santa’s face, not to mention the girl’s…

‘Tis the season to check out Sketchy Santas… Enjoy!

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Webcomics You Should Be Reading – Full Frontal Nerdity

ffnDoug’s previous posting of ‘Home on the Strange’ has inspired me to do an occasional posting of webcomics – specifically those of a Fantasy/Sci-Fi nature. Today’s offering is called “Full Frontal Nerdity“, from the same creative mind that created ‘Nodwick‘, Aaron Williams. The setting (generally) takes place around a table populated by 3 live (and one webcam dude) gamers – and the jokes are ones that anyone who’s ever spent their evenings sitting at a table with a pile of books, pencils, dice, paper and far too much coffee will understand.

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Video Games are Bad for You…

Watch as this kid goes insane because his parents cancelled his World of Warcraft account (you should turn down your volume first):

Fake? Perhaps. If it is fake, I don’t think I’d want to be known as “The guy who tries to shove a TV remote up his butt on YouTube”. If it isn’t, his little brother will probably be the recipient of the next freak-out…


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Blogs You Should Read

With a tip o’the hat to Matt Yglesias we present Eco-comics – a blog that looks at the world of super-heroics from the viewpoint of an economist(s) – fav post so far Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money from to Keep Making Super-Soldiers? :

Regardless, someone in the Canadian government was still there to provide funding for Weapon X, whatever its intended purpose may have been. And I’m sure they had to receive progress reports such as: “We created a supersoldier with a healing ability and an indestructible skeleton. And he was really cool. But then he killed all of the scientists and the guards… and he’s living in the woods now. So… we need more money.”

It only sounds dumb to them cause they’re Americans – we Canadians, on the other hand, especially those of us who’ve worked in the Federal Civil Service, are just nodding our heads and thinking “Yep, makes perfect sense”

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I, For One, Welcome Our Dalek Overlords.

At least when they look like this:


h/t: io9, via Least I Could Do.

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