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The Avengers is A… Remake?

Thanks to YouTube user whoiseyevan, we can now enjoy the trailer for the original Avengers film, made in 1952… Which, oddly, is about a decade before the Avengers debuted. Oh well, enjoy – and check out his site for many more ‘Premakes’!

Plus, check out this video’s frame-by-frame breakdown!


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Now THIS Looks Promising…

One of the new trailers for the upcoming film, Kick Ass. HitGirl isn’t even the main character, but the movie might be worth seeing just to see her in action… The language and images are, to be sure, intended for adults only. Enjoy!

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Movies – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Two movies trailers for you folks today – the first, ‘Solomon Kane’ is the adaptation of one of the less well-known characters of Robert E. Howard of ‘Conan’ fame:

Maybe sublime isn’t the right word for this – but hey, what’s not to like about a man who can kick ass wearing a Puritan hat? Besides, considering it’s a film based on a Robert Howard character, James Purefoy looks to be doing a better job of acting than ‘The Governator’…

The second trailer – all I can say is that sometimes you look at something and the only word that comes to mind is “WHY?” – in all the posts Flash has done on this blog regarding the original, I can’t ever recall thinking ‘you know, with better SFX, this would make a great film”


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Dan Watches the Watchmen – a Review

45452108Having just come from seeing the film, I thought I’d share my thoughts – I will try my best to avoid spoilers, but if some do sneak in, my apologies.

To begin with – when the ads list this as an R-Rated film with extreme violence, believe it folks – in contrast with the original graphic novel, where the violence was kind of subdued and almost real-life, the film’s violence is over-the-top and bloody, especially with the sound effects – you can literally hear the bones cracking here.

The actors range from the great (Jackie Earl Haley is perfectly cast as Rorschach) to disappointing (Matthew Goode as Ozymandias really didn’t work for me).

As for the film itself – basically it’s a Reader’s Digest Watchmen (abridged) – the main bones of the storyline are there, as is most of the dialogue, but a lot of the subtextual plot is missing, and the backstories are diluted – and in at least three cases it does cause the storyline to suffer, the main one being that the origins of Rorschach’s ‘face’ aren’t explained, nor do you get any sense of his motivation for putting the mask on. However, I’m guessing that may be put into the DVD when it comes out.

Overall, however, a very good adaptation – and highly recommended.


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Oh, Dear…

A little while ago, I offered the trailer for the 1950’s George Pal production of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.¬† My compatriot Dan reminded me of the new version that was released by Pendragon Pictures at about the same time as Tom Cruise’s laughable attempt.

I have finally seen the trailer (or rather, watched the trailer – I’ve seen it posted before and more or less ignored it).

I wonder what sort of comment you make about a movie that makes Tom Cruise look good, and he isn’t in the film? Granted Tom is great in all the films he isn’t in, but that’s not the point. What is the point is when I spend over 2 minutes saying to myself, “Wow, what a cheesy special effect”, or “That guy’s mustache looks¬† totally fake”, then the filmmakers have lost me. Remember, I’m the guy who enjoys the guys in the rubber suits trampling miniature cities – it takes a lot to lose me.

So, enjoy the trailer, and dream as I do about Crow and Tom Servo in the front row with you as you watch this crap…


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Coming Soon to a TV Near You:

Listen – can you hear that sound, off in the distance?

It’s Alan Moore, screaming…..

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The Fabulous ’50s! Part 2

First off, a movie based on a Robert A. Heinlein novel that doesn’t involve a fascist state, not to mention a great song title for They Might Be Giants: Destination Moon (1950)

From the same year, and one of the movies particularly well-riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000, I give you: Rocketship X-M (1950)

Starring the voice of Orson Welles, here’s a teaser trailer for the movie based on the Richard Matheson novel The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

The full trailer:

Here’s one I’ve never managed to see: The Monolith Monsters (1957)

And now, inspired by Dan, here is Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958)

And finally, a true legend of the cinema – for all the wrong reasons. Note that the footage in the trailer is almost all the footage of Bela Lugosi that exists for this movie. The pie plate spaceships! The cardboard tombstones! Prepare yourself for the terror that is Plan 9 From Outer Space! (1958)

That’s it for now! Back soon with another collection of cool trailers!


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