Brass Always Beats Beige Plastic

As some of my various blogmates may know, I’ve a fondness for the Steampunk esthetic ( no, I don’t dress up like a  gear encrusted Victorian explorer but I do like to build things). That’s why when I see something like this, which I sadly don’t have the metalworking  skills to build myself, the first thing through my mind is “I WANT ONE OF THOSE”

Anyway, my point is this: Not all of the geekiness that we celebrate here is concerned with comics and obscure sci-fi.  That and if one of these keyboards somehow showed up on my doorstep, I would ask no embarrassing questions and be filled with the kind of gratitude that only a geek could feel at such an occasion. Also,  everyone needs to check out Datamancer‘s website because after all, Christmas is coming and we could all use a little geektech in our lives.



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3 responses to “Brass Always Beats Beige Plastic

  1. Oh, eets so pretty.


    I have an odd type writer obsession anyway – I like the bigger clunkier ones really, but yes, plastic eww.


  2. freedomactionnow

    The Victorians knew how to build stuff. Even if it was a little jewelry-box, they lavished it with care and attention.

    Now that I think of it, most everybody did, from about 1400 to 1880. Think about Cellini’s little salt cellar

    Not really a “shaker”, but still, just a little doo-dad for someone’s table to put salt in.

  3. Doug

    I agree strongly with both of you. We used to put more effort into things. I read an opinion on this once that stated that the reason so much effort was put forth by craftsmen was that this was their only chance to leave their mark on the world. Mechanization and the modern assembly line put paid to that philosophy but it’s encouraging to see that there are still some out there who think that the extra effort is worth it. I’ll be making more posts of a similar nature in the future.

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