Yes. The Past Was Better

I’ve never made any secret of my love for Gerry Anderson’s “Thunderbirds”. I loved all of his shows that made it to our local  television network and Thunderbirds was by far and away my favourite of the lot.  Just as an aside I owe many thanks to Flash for aiding and abetting my addiction. Therefore when I came across this webpage  imagine my frustration when I read these sentences –  “Many have radio control capability” and “The huge Thunderbird 2 has motorized, telescopic legs and stunning interior detail“. It Comes with missiles! Missiles!  Dammit! Why did I not have these as a child! Oh yeah, they apparently weren’t available in my part of  Canada. For no other reason than that I want to, I blame Stephan Harper for this. Now I’m off to haunt Ebay in hopes of fulfilling retroactive childhood desires.


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  1. Fabulous stuff, always been a huge Anderson fan myself! 🙂

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