April Fool Jokes are all Well and Good

But some things just cross the line



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4 responses to “April Fool Jokes are all Well and Good

  1. Flash

    Oh, dear… That’s just nasty…

  2. dan

    And so very, very wrong – and I say this as the man who was willing to at least give the benefit of the doubt long ago when Tim Burton wanted to cast Nicholas Cage as Superman. Speaking of casting, though, what do you think of the casting of Chris Evans as Captain America?

  3. Flash

    Actually, he’s got the look – it’s the attitude I have a problem with. I’ve never seen him in anything but the “Fantastic Four” movies, as the wise-cracking Johnny Strom, so it remains to be seen if he can carry off the gravitas necessary for Cap…
    The jury’s still out, I guess.

  4. dan

    Well, on the one hand, I agree with your doubts on whether he has the gravitas, but on the other hand, I think he’s a better choice than the Office’s Jon Krasinski, who was rumoured for the part previously. Irregardless of who wears the mask, however, is the choice of who he’s facing off against, and I think the choice of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull is inspired. I’m also rather chuffed that the Invaders will be making an appearance in the 2nd half of the film. Which is not to say I’m overjoyed about some of the choices for the film:

    a. Apparently, Captain America – at least at the beginning, will be used as more of a symbol than a soldier – I guess the thinking will be that as the only Super-soldier they have, he’s too important to risk, so the costume et al will be used more as a USO performance, and

    b. The casting of 26-year old Sebastien Stan as Bucky Barnes.

    I can see the logic behind both of these changes – most infantrymen I know would be loath to charge into battle alongside of someone whose costume might as well say ‘Please Shoot Me’ and taking a 14 year old into battle is not exactly going to play well in these modern times. Still, as you say, the jury’s still out.

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