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RotIG is sad to report that Art Clokey, the animator responsible for the little green clay icon, Gumby, has passed away in his sleep at age 88. While predating my arrival by a over a decade, Gumby was and is still a well-known character, whose adventures are still being watched today.

We therefore present the following:

From 1956, Gumby on the Moon:

And, as an added bonus, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Robot Rumpus:


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Is He As Fast If His Costume Isn’t Skintight?

The fondness this blog’s founder holds for the cartoon character The Flash is, well, it’s self-evident really. With that and most importantly the return of said cartoon character from DC Comics heaven in mind, here’s a Victorian version him, by way of celebration. Also, a link to the original site. In case you prefer other costumed crusaders.



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Giant Monsters – With Attitude!

From Twisted Kaiju Theatre





Godzilla watches his own cartoon from the ’80s for the first time (and wonders where his royalty cheques are). Funny stuff!

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Dammit George Lucas…

goofy This time you’ve gone too far – Some things just should not be!

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Geek Economic Stimulus Package #1

001_bigYou too can do your part to help the economy by spending $2,717.01 USD on this life-size replica of Captain Kirk’s chair from Star Trek: TOS. All you have to do is contact Diamond Select Toys!


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My Favorite Pastime


Is collecting View-Masters and reels. Nothing makes me happier than to find a new set of reels , or a new viewer, or another projector. My most recent reel set is a packaged 3-reel “Mork and Mindy” set from the 1970s. I also have original 1960s Lost in Space, Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Bonanza sets, as well as countless scenic reels, the oldest being from 1948.

A couple of reel sets I am most proud of:



I personally had never seen a commercial for View-Masters, so I had never seen this one, with Henry Fonda and a very young Jodie Foster:

Just as a few examples, I have one of these, produced between 1944 and 1947:

Sawyers View-Master Model B (common black version)

A bunch of these, 1946-1955:

Sawyers View-Master Model C  (early outlined versions)

A few of these, 1955-1977:

g-viewerOne of these bizarre and nearly non-functional models, 1986-1990:

m-viewerAnd a couple of these, 1989-1996:


All in all, it is a fun hobby, and surprisingly inexpensive. You wouldn’t believe how many people remember and love the View-Master.

I know I do!

Flash (Klik-klik)


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I Think People Were Just Stupid Back Then…

That’s the answer that springs immediately to mind while watching this commercial:

I mean, seriously – they didn’t GET that? Perhaps detect a slight HINT of a double entendre? Is that why the lady with the Hair Helmet (TM) winks at the end?

This now seems more like an ‘SNL’ commercial parody than a real commercial…



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