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The Avengers is A… Remake?

Thanks to YouTube user whoiseyevan, we can now enjoy the trailer for the original Avengers film, made in 1952… Which, oddly, is about a decade before the Avengers debuted. Oh well, enjoy – and check out his site for many more ‘Premakes’!

Plus, check out this video’s frame-by-frame breakdown!


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Buck Rogers Goodness

In an earlier post, some discussion was made of reviving the Buck Rogers franchise, and while the proposed movie is still said to be in the works, there is going to be a revival of sorts, in the form of a webseries. Here we see a short teaser trailer:

One thing’s for sure – they definitely seem to be going for retro in a big way for this one. And here we see the young Buck Rogers in his pre-cryogenics days, complete with a couple of guest stars:

This seems to be a tradition – IIRC, Buster Crabbe made an appearance in the TV series…

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Okay, It’s Now Official…

Hollywood has run out of ideas:


The sad thing is, I’ll probably wind up seeing this movie. Not on a weekend night, oh Lordy no – but quite possibly on a Cheap Night – just to see the scene with the Abrams Tank on the big screen.

ETA: Fixed the bug with the previous video link, this one works..


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Now THIS Looks Promising…

One of the new trailers for the upcoming film, Kick Ass. HitGirl isn’t even the main character, but the movie might be worth seeing just to see her in action… The language and images are, to be sure, intended for adults only. Enjoy!

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Doctor Who – 11th Doctor Preview

From the BBC, the official trailer for the next series of Doctor Who, starring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Includes the new logo, which I kind of like… Enjoy!

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Movies – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Two movies trailers for you folks today – the first, ‘Solomon Kane’ is the adaptation of one of the less well-known characters of Robert E. Howard of ‘Conan’ fame:

Maybe sublime isn’t the right word for this – but hey, what’s not to like about a man who can kick ass wearing a Puritan hat? Besides, considering it’s a film based on a Robert Howard character, James Purefoy looks to be doing a better job of acting than ‘The Governator’…

The second trailer – all I can say is that sometimes you look at something and the only word that comes to mind is “WHY?” – in all the posts Flash has done on this blog regarding the original, I can’t ever recall thinking ‘you know, with better SFX, this would make a great film”


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Games to Look Forward To

Checking out this trailer for “Champions Online” I have to say it looks intriguing –

And I see at least one power that my colleague Flash will find interesting…

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