Everyone Needs a Higher Power, Don’t They?

By order of the Queen I’m off for the Arctic in the morning, which for the next month will reduce my blogposting (already sadly negligable anyway) to pretty much nil. So here’s an old favourite of mine as a parting gift, courtesy of the good folks at Home on the Strange , a now sadly defunct webcomic. As those of us here at “Revenge…” and our sister blog Blevkog are both heathens and Dr. Who fans this seemed most appropriate.


Finally, if you’ve stumbled across this fine blog of ours I really recommend you pop over to Home on the Strange and check it out. If Google gets annoying then you can use the link over on Blevkog. See you all in a month.


(Note: Thanks to Dan for the catch on the comics actual title. Repairs have been made. Sometimes I type without thinking. It’s good to have a backup team)



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4 responses to “Everyone Needs a Higher Power, Don’t They?

  1. Flash

    Best… cartoon… ever. I put that one up on the fridge when it first came out – thanks for the reminder on that one.
    Take care of yourself, my friend, we’ll keep the blog warm for ya. First round’s on me when you get back.

  2. dan

    Yeah, that was one of my favourites as well – like you said, Doug – it’s too bad it closed. If anyone wants the link it’s:


    Have a safe cruise, and I look forward to hearing your complaints about it when you get back…

  3. Doug

    Dan, thanks for the catch on my inept titleing. I’ve been a bit on the busy side today and didn’t think to double check. Incidently Dan, we’ll be stopping in St. John’s on the way. Look for the ship at the end of the week.
    Dave, see you at the end of August. I’ll be expecting a pint of Propeller Bitter.

  4. dan

    No problem, Doug – thanks for reminding me of the comic – gives me an idea for a post.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your ship – give me a call, I’ll leave my number on your facebook profile.

    And Flash, maybe if you’re really good and buy more than one pint of Bitter, Doug can get you one of these:


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