Being a Geek isn’t Just About Sci-Fi and Comic Books…

Sometimes, it’s about liking fonts.

Really, really, really liking fonts.

And sometimes it’s about finding a fact you didn’t know before:



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5 responses to “Being a Geek isn’t Just About Sci-Fi and Comic Books…

  1. Pie

    Typography. A love that dares not speak its name. That was even better than Lady GaGa’s original.

    Sammy Davis Jr. A man who can make even cheese sound cool. If you don’t mind, I’m going to steal these and put them up on Facebook. Thanks for continuing to bring this stuff to my attention. Have a good weekend.

  2. Flash

    We’re nothin’ if not neighborly… Mind if we link to your blog?

    • Pie

      Hey, link away. I haven’t quite got it together to set up a blogroll yet, but when I do I’ll certainly repay the compliment. I like the stuff you have here, even though I’m not a super geek.

  3. dan

    For some odd, inexplicable reason, Lady Gaga doesn’t annoy me as much as most ‘Top 40’ artists do – but yeah, it’s a pretty good parody. As for Sammy, Mark Evanier said it best, ‘most TV themes had lyrics written for them that never made it to air – and Sammy Davis Jr. probably recorded most of them’ .

    I’d also like to echo Flash’s sentiment – as for the videos, hey, ‘Mi Youtube video es su Youtube Video’, I’ll even throw in a Rodrigo y Gabriela tune:

  4. A good font can make you into a bit of a geek – I think it’s a bit naive to think that being a geek is all about liking sci-fi and comic books, so I agree with you!

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