Speaking of ‘Smallville’

As I was in a previous post, things like this trailer definitely help to convince me that even with the liberties it’s taken with the Superman Mythos, it’s still a quality show, and well worth watching:

Not sure if the actual episode will live up to the promise shown here, but the fact that the episode is written by comic-book writer Geoff Johns does give one hope…



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2 responses to “Speaking of ‘Smallville’

  1. Flash

    Saw it, liked it – a lot. Better than I would have expected, although I was a little disappointed that my 2 favorite Golden Agers (Flash and Green Lantern) only made out-of-costume appearances, in flashback. The mention of finding them “…and their proteges…” at the end was pretty cool.
    I was thinking a GL appearance would be an interesting ‘preview’ of the upcoming Hal Jordan flick. Oh, well – lots of time yet. 🙂

  2. dan

    I had a couple of quibbles:

    a. not really liking Pam Greer as Amanda Waller, she doesn’t come across to me as having the presence, either physically or personality-wise.

    b. This whole ‘Batman Voice’ thing that Green Arrow and Hawkman have going? It grows old – heck, it was getting old in ‘The Dark Knight’ and while I can marginally see it in Chris Banes’s portrayal of Batman, it’s kinda silly in a man dressed up in a chicken suit…

    Overall though, I did like it – I’ll agree, it would have been nice to see the Golden Age Green Lantern and Flash make an appearance, but I do think that they’ve set up nicely for more appearances of the JSA – especially since when the Smallville equivalent of the ‘Flash’ made his first appearance on the show, one of his false IDs was in the name of ‘Jay Garrick’ – a family connection maybe?

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