Rocket.. Spider… Robin Hood… Man…?

Well, here it is, for no other reason that I was thinking about it – the proof that Ralph Bakshi was a cheap bastard in the ’60s…

First, here’s part of the Rocket Robin Hood adventure, “Dementia Five”:

Next, the Spider-Man episode, “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension”:

Any questions? Enjoy the nightmares…



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4 responses to “Rocket.. Spider… Robin Hood… Man…?

  1. dan

    Actually, in fairness to Ralph Bakshi, it’s more like proof that Krantz Films were cheap bastards – and I knew that from watching ‘The Marvel Superheroes’…

  2. Flash

    Oh, yes, those were… unique, to say the least. The Hulk theme song alone was enough to give me an icky feeling.

  3. Flash

    A friend of mine used to label the crowds in “Rocket Robin Hood” the Mad as Hell guys – they were mad because all they could do was move one arm each.

  4. dan

    I always thought of them as the ‘Grow-a-Goons’ – I keep picturing an assembly line in the back of the castle. But yeah, they were fairly wretched – one of the things I remember YTV doing a few years back was running re-runs of ‘The Superfriends’ on late-night after episodes of ‘Justice League’ – and it’s quite instructive to see how far TV animation has come, not only in terms of visual quality, but in the quality of the writing. Although I will still confess to having a fondness for ‘Max: The 2000-year-old Mouse’…

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