As a Followup to the Hokey Pokey Post

Here we see the vital function that song will serve in the future:



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4 responses to “As a Followup to the Hokey Pokey Post

  1. Flash

    Makes you wonder what future generations will make of most stuff humanity comes up with…

  2. dan

    Well according to this website:

    Chi Draconis and Vega have been getting our broadcast signals of ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ and ‘The Facts of Life’ for a few years now – I expect we’ll be getting a retributive strike any day now….

  3. Flash

    I welcome annihilation if Tootie is to be considered representative of humanity’s achievements…

  4. Pie

    “It does not mean a thing. I’ve been studying it for seven days.”

    That did make me laugh out loud. A great clip and a great tribute to Mr Hokey Pokey. I’ve always known it as the Hokey Cokey myself (or maybe I’ve misheard it all these years!), but the dance is still good. My favourite bit is when we all rush into each other shouting “Hoooooookey cokey, cokey…”

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