The Visitors Return…

Tonight on CTV, the pilot for the newly re-imagined “V” debuts, and I, quite frankly, am looking forward to it, albeit with some reservations.


The original 1980s miniseries (and to a lesser extent the second miniseries, and best not to dwell too long on the short-lived weekly series), in retrospect, is a slice of pure mid-’80s television cheese, but with a surprising amount of thoughfulness about it. Granted, the story begins to become predictable after a short time, but, well, there’s eeeevil Visitor leader Diana for the men to enjoy, a pure, unadulterated meanie who would feel right at home on a reptilian version of Dynasty.


As always, I’m a little leery of remakes or re-imaginings (although Star Trek did a lot to change that), but, as a fan of TV sci-fi, I’ll give it a chance.

v_showLet’s hope I don’t feel like this tomorrow

So, stop by tomorrow, and I’ll share my views – I’m looking forward to yours as well.


P.S.: I’m inclined to disregard this advance review in the New York Times and judge for myself.


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  1. dan

    I too have some misgivings as well, Flash, but considering that they have Firefly’s Morena Baccarin playing the part of Diana, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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