Goodbye Life….

Those bastards at SurfaceScape have just come up with the ultimate reason to look forward to Microsoft’s new touch-screen Surface – a true fusion of Table-Top RPG’s with computers:

Of course, the only problem with this is that in order to afford this, you need money, which means devoting time to work, and between this and the fact that Sid Meier is bringing Civilization to Facebook, time for work may be something we are definitely short of (of course, I *could* probably get by on 1 hours sleep a night….).



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4 responses to “Goodbye Life….

  1. Oh my! The only thing I don’t like, and this is minor, is rolling a virtual die. I like my dice.

  2. dan

    So do I – hopefully there’s provision in the options to allow for manual input of dice results. I’d also like to see an option where the players can use their own miniatures, with just a cursor on the screen to indicate where the characters are. But other than that – yeah, it looks like a sweet little system, mind you, considering some of the gaming sessions I’ve sat in on, I’d like to know how the Surface stands up to coffee spills, and the detritus from Doritos, but that’s purely a mechanical quibble…

  3. Flash

    I would have commented earlier, but I was busy cleaning up the gigantic puddle of drool at my feet…

    After last night, I’m not a big fan of my dice, but this shall pass (as I did – thank goodness for True Resurrection).

    New item for the WANT list.

  4. dan

    Another thing to consider, which might make the virtual dice easier to contemplate, is whether this system will allow networking (probably). If this will allow widely-scattered friends to essentially ‘sit’ around the same gaming table, that opens up a *lot* more interest, and definitely moves this up on the WANT list. Of course, this would mean selling even more Surfaces… Bastards…

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