Work That Magic!

Diane Nelson, the new President of DC Entertainment (and a stone-cold fox, which is apparently her superpower), has gained some momentum in moving ahead with bringing DC’s stable of characters to other media. Warners has been lax in taking advantage of the iconic characters DC has to offer (two guesses as to which specific one I am talking about), so this is good news for me, a lifelong DC geek!

10warner01-190Hot, smart, into comics. Need I say more?

Nelson, who oversaw the stupidly successful Harry Potter franchise for Warners, has a big task in front of her:

Ms. Nelson’s new duties will extend beyond trying to create more blockbuster films featuring the DC Comics characters, company officials said, to exploiting more of its characters in other formats — opportunities that Warner executives clearly believed were being missed.

I for one, am more hopeful now than at any time in the past that the best characters in comics will finally get their due. Stay tuned!!


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