In Blackest Night…

Well, in the interests of keeping their streak of universe-altering events going, DC has launched the much anticipated Blackest Night storyline. Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis, this is the culmination of the “War of Light” storyline, which has led to the creation of the Black Lanterns.


The storyline promises to be earth-shattering, with every hero or villain that has ever died being a potential recruit into the Black Corps. Among the spin-off issues announced are Batman: Blackest Night and Flash: Blackest Night, which makes sense given that in the former case, Bruce Wayne has apparently been killed and replaced by Dick Grayson, and in the latter, Barry Allen has just returned after being ‘dead’ since the mid-1980’s. The Flash, may I add, does have more than one dead Rogue he may have to worry about…

I was a bit skeptical, given that the ‘event’ comic has become typical fare for the summer season, but in reading it, I realized that what I had in my hands was an innovative combination of superheroes and ‘zombies’ (yes, better than Marvel Zombies, which has worn out its’ welcome). Everyone and everything is fair game – some things I feel I can guess at, but other things, even just in issue #1, were so surprising that I had to read it three times before it really sunk in. The seeds of this (at least in true retcon fashion) go back to the Crisis in 1985, so there’s a whole lot of history to draw from.


In Issue #1, we see the deaths of two super heroes, caused by the resurrected ‘Black Lantern’ versions of a recently-deceased couple (hint, hint), and the prelude to an attack on Hal Jordan and Barry Allen by one of their oldest friends, a fellow founding member of the JLA. Oh, and by the way, the two deceased superheroes were immediately… recruited. Let me add only that there are a lot of deceased Green Lanterns in the tombs on Oa. A lot. And they will soon be joined by their bosses…

In short, this blew me away. If you haven’t yet, pick it up, and brace yourself for the rest of this storyline. I leave you with an image of the alternate cover for BN #1. For more images and commentary, head here.

The Dead Shall Rise…



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