A WTF? Movie Moment

Ladies and gentlemen, we who are fans of sci-fi films have for some time realized that the 1950s was the golden age of this genre. Unfortunately, they were followed by the 1960s, which, although ‘home’ to some real classics, was also the source for some really, completely, mind-numbingly unbelievable and flat-out so-bad-they’re-good movies.

Case in point: A scientist, inheriting wealth from his father, is determined to be the first man on the moon. He builds a spaceship, and takes along a plastic-haired scientist pal to keep him company. our trailer today is from that film, with the story of the intrepid scientist, his homemade spaceship, and the life-forms he finds on the lunar surface… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Nude on the Moon (1961)

I mean seriously – holy crap.


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Filed under 1960s, Movie Megacheese, Sci-Fi

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