Video Games are Bad for You…

Watch as this kid goes insane because his parents cancelled his World of Warcraft account (you should turn down your volume first):

Fake? Perhaps. If it is fake, I don’t think I’d want to be known as “The guy who tries to shove a TV remote up his butt on YouTube”. If it isn’t, his little brother will probably be the recipient of the next freak-out…



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5 responses to “Video Games are Bad for You…

  1. Doug

    My money’s on fake with an utter inability to forsee consequences. That remote bit will come back to haunt him one way or another.

  2. dan

    But it can’t be fake – it’s on Youtube!

  3. Doug

    Somehow i don’t think that being able to say “But guys, I was faking shoving that remote control up me” is going to help him any. i know he lived through it but shouldn’t there be some sort of Darwin Award for this. It’ll certainly keep him out of the gene pool.

  4. dan

    I dunno, Doug, it could *improve* his standing in certain circles – he’ll probably have an ad in the Adult section of the The Coast Magazine as soon as he turns 18….

  5. Doug

    Thanks Dan. I now need a shower and a brain bleaching.

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