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With a tip o’the hat to Matt Yglesias we present Eco-comics – a blog that looks at the world of super-heroics from the viewpoint of an economist(s) – fav post so far Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money from to Keep Making Super-Soldiers? :

Regardless, someone in the Canadian government was still there to provide funding for Weapon X, whatever its intended purpose may have been. And I’m sure they had to receive progress reports such as: “We created a supersoldier with a healing ability and an indestructible skeleton. And he was really cool. But then he killed all of the scientists and the guards… and he’s living in the woods now. So… we need more money.”

It only sounds dumb to them cause they’re Americans – we Canadians, on the other hand, especially those of us who’ve worked in the Federal Civil Service, are just nodding our heads and thinking “Yep, makes perfect sense”


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