He’s The Best There is at What He Does – Too Bad It isn’t Movies

arts-wolverine-584Well, the Summer Movie Season is upon us once again (ignore the fact that it’s snowing outside – at least it is here – for Hollywood, summer starts in May), and the 1st potential blockbuster out the gate is ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, which tells the origin of everyone’s favourite adamantium-laced berserker. Overall, IMHO, this film does a serviceable job of giving fans an origin story for the character, hewing pretty closely to the Wolverine: Origins comic book, at least in the beginning, and where it departs from the X-Universe canon, it does so in ways that aren’t really a departure from the spirit of the character – I actually like the redefinition of the relationship between Sabertooth and Wolverine, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel Comics doesn’t run with the idea.

The Good: If you’re a hardcore Marvel comics geek, you’ll get a kick out of this film – there are guest spots from a lot of mutants that hadn’t made the previous X-Men films – I’m particularly fond of the appearance of Gambit. Plus, in addition to the speaking roles, such as the Blob, Gambit, and Emma Frost, there’s cameos aplenty, making for a fun game of ‘spot the mutant’ when the DVD comes out, since he’s fond of Speedster characters, I think I’ll challenge Flash to see if he can find Quicksilver in the film. Unfortunately, this leads into….

The Bad: There are a lot of characters, and some of them could have benefited from a bit more screentime – in particular, the afore-mentioned Gambit, and the teleporting character Wraith could have been developed further. In addition, a film like this one, that trys to pander to the hardcore comic book fans, runs a risk in that they’re the ones who are most passionate about some of the characters, leading into…..

The Ugly: Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool – WTF have they done to you? The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the producers and/or the director of his film hate the Deadpool character (somewhat in the way that Bryan Singer, in the first two X movies, hated the character of Cyclops) and wanted to f**k him over proper. I mean, here you have a character whose ‘Nom De Guerre’ in the comics is ‘The Merc With the Mouth’, he’s played by an actor (Ryan Reynolds) who quips wonderfully, and what do you do? YOU SEW HIS FREAKIN’ MOUTH SHUT!!!

Overall impression – good film, it ain’t The Dark Knight, or even Iron Man – but it ain’t Catwoman or Electra, either….


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