Memories of Comics Past…

Once Upon A Geek has posted this ad for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, back when it was entitled Universe: COIE. In my opinion, the original COIE was the best miniseries either of the two mainstream publishers have produced – it’s still an annual re-read for me.


The Crisis, it is argued, is the miniseries  event that launched the repetitious cycle of continuity-wide event comics that seem to have become an annual ritual, which ranged from the good, like Secret Wars and Zero Hour, to the craptacularly bad, like Millennium. Now, with the return of Barry Allen, and of the Multiverse (although limited to 52 dimensions Рthe fact that some of the Elseworlds realities are now actually real makes for some interesting storytelling opportunities), the Crisis becomes a part of comics history that seems perhaps a bit less relevant Рbut certainly no less enjoyable!



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6 responses to “Memories of Comics Past…

  1. Doug

    Why is the Deathstar behind the shadowy figure wearing a jockstrap?

  2. Flash

    That’s the Monitor’s Gigantic High-Tech Death Basketball of Ultimate Doominess.
    Just his ship, hidden in orbit until it was destroyed.
    I should have mentioned – the 2005 novelization of COIE is excellent. The story is from the perspective of Barry Allen, whose adventures didn’t end with his death in the miniseries – extremely well written by Marv Wolfman, writer of the miniseries.

  3. Flash

    I should have said it was the Super Happy Fun Ball…:)

  4. dan

    Surely you’re not suggesting that DC Comics would appropriate an image from popular culture, Doug? Shocked, I am shocked….

    I have fond memories of Crisis – I was working in Gagetown the summer it came out and eagerly hit the stores every month to get the latest issue. I can still remember the issues where Supergirl and the Flash died – and the shock, these were, after all, if not A-List Characters, at the very least solid B+ ones…

    That said, I do blame Crisis for some things – well, to be fair, not Crisis so much as DC/Marvel. After Crisis, both companies took the concept and flogged it to death, namely two things:

    a. We’ve got to have a Multi-Title Crossover Event every summer; and

    b. We’ve got to kill someone in it.

    Which wouldn’t be so bad, if they’d’ve taken the original idea – that these were supposed to be *permanent* – instead, you have the present situation, where everything’s going to be turned back to the status quo, and death is a revolving door…

  5. Flash

    This will be the first year that an important comics event will take place in which a Flash comes to life rather than gets killed off. Nice reversal for a change.

  6. dan

    Depends on your definition of ‘Flash’ – finally got my hands on ‘Flash: Rebirth #1’ and the Black Flash seems to have died – the question this raises is what this means for the title character, which depends on what the Black Flash actually is – either a manifestation of Death that appears to speedsters, or a manifestation of the Speedforce itself – either way, intriguing consequences do arise…

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