The Flash: Rebirth!

Once again, in the spirit of flash-fandom, this week sees the release of the first issue of Flash: Rebirth, wherein Barry Allen makes his return to the DC Universe.


I remember being devastated in 1985 when Barry Allen was killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, but I took some solace from the fact that he died heroically – now, arguably the greatest hero in DC Comics’ roster returns to pick up where he left off. Judging from the success of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s Green Lantern: Rebirth, this promises to be amazing. How will Barry react to missing over 20 years of his life? What will the reaction of his fellow heroes be?


Most importantly, how will he re-establish his relationship with his now decades-older wife, who thought he was dead for all that time?


Plus, in issue #3, we get the answer to the eternal question: who’s faster, Superman or the Flash?


The Flash: Rebirth goes on sale tomorrow – review to follow!



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10 responses to “The Flash: Rebirth!

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  2. dan

    My personal opinion has always been that Flash should be the fastest, if for no other reason than that’s what he does – he *is* Superspeed for the DC Universe. Now, if it was a case of who would win an all-out fight – sorry Flash, but my money would be on Supes – not only does he have a raft of other powers, but he’s chums with Batman, and Batman fights dirty….

  3. dan

    Just a nitpick – I know it’s been 20 years real-time since Barry Allen passed away, but how long has it been in the comic-book world?

  4. Doug

    I distinctly recall Superman comics in which Superman does things that he freely admits Barry Allan taught him to do, so yeah, my money’s on the Flash being the faster of the two. Great Thundering Christ but we’re sad pitiful geeks aren’t we? Oh well, we are what we are and comics are certainly far more entertaining than James Joyce and better written than Tom Clancy. Often less disturbing too.

  5. dan

    I’ll wait to pass further judgement, but right now I have to say that I’m not overly impressed with the decision to retcon Barry’s past – at this rate, the DC Universe character with the happiest childhood will be Batman, and there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.

    • Josh

      lol barry allen and superman raced superman won but barry said he only won because if he ran any faster he could have massively hurt the human race and the environment or something like that.

      However, if you were to compare Superman to the Real Flash, my man Wally, then there is no contest. Fastest man alive will take it every time

      • Flash

        Would never argue with that – Barry proved it in “Rebirth”, talking about the races they had run over the years: “Those were for charity, Clark.” Brilliant.

      • Jay Geekrik

        To many people this is a touchy subject, and it hits close to home with me as well. My prized comic in my collection is Superman #199 ( Superman & Flash’s 1st race ). Naturally it ends in a tie, but to my knowledge there is 3 other comics dedicated to this ” race of races “. Seriously tho, if Superman won, what would the Flash’s title be…”the 2nd fastest man alive”. In my humble opinion, Superman is plenty fast, and with all his other powers, The Flash deserves the gold when it comes down to pure speed. Its all in the name, right?

      • Flash

        To my knowledge, The Flash was the first of the ‘specific powers’ heroes, so, I would have to agree. to my recollection, there wasn’t a clear winner until Wally and Clark ran around the world looking for Linda – Wally was clearly faster. Barry, on the other hand, showed in one of the ‘Rebirth’ issues that he slowed down enough to make it competitive – for charity.

  6. Flash

    And the collected “Superman vs. The Flash” trade paperback is well worth the price. 🙂

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