Oh, Dear…

A little while ago, I offered the trailer for the 1950’s George Pal production of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.  My compatriot Dan reminded me of the new version that was released by Pendragon Pictures at about the same time as Tom Cruise’s laughable attempt.

I have finally seen the trailer (or rather, watched the trailer – I’ve seen it posted before and more or less ignored it).

I wonder what sort of comment you make about a movie that makes Tom Cruise look good, and he isn’t in the film? Granted Tom is great in all the films he isn’t in, but that’s not the point. What is the point is when I spend over 2 minutes saying to myself, “Wow, what a cheesy special effect”, or “That guy’s mustache looks  totally fake”, then the filmmakers have lost me. Remember, I’m the guy who enjoys the guys in the rubber suits trampling miniature cities – it takes a lot to lose me.

So, enjoy the trailer, and dream as I do about Crow and Tom Servo in the front row with you as you watch this crap…



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4 responses to “Oh, Dear…

  1. dan

    Yeah, this is fairly crappy production values – and I say this as a man who has seen ‘Blake’s 7’. OTOH, it’s too bad they didn’t do a remake of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ while they were at it – maybe they could have succeeded in making Keanu Reeves look good while they were at it.

  2. dan

    it should be noted that I’m not disparaging the script writing of ‘Blake’s 7’, just the special effects.

  3. Doug

    Wow. This borders on stunningly bad. It’s so bad that I found myself thinking as I watched that this has to be some sort of amateur youtube hobby project. This can’t be real,can it? Flash and Dan wouldn’t lead me on like that though.Tom Cruise should have paid for the distribution of this …this thing, himself, just so that he would shine by comparison.

  4. Flash

    Sadly real. This is the best argument I’ve seen for a seven-day waiting period for a movie camera.

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