The Fabulous ’50s! Part 2

First off, a movie based on a Robert A. Heinlein novel that doesn’t involve a fascist state, not to mention a great song title for They Might Be Giants: Destination Moon (1950)

From the same year, and one of the movies particularly well-riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000, I give you: Rocketship X-M (1950)

Starring the voice of Orson Welles, here’s a teaser trailer for the movie based on the Richard Matheson novel The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

The full trailer:

Here’s one I’ve never managed to see: The Monolith Monsters (1957)

And now, inspired by Dan, here is Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958)

And finally, a true legend of the cinema – for all the wrong reasons. Note that the footage in the trailer is almost all the footage of Bela Lugosi that exists for this movie. The pie plate spaceships! The cardboard tombstones! Prepare yourself for the terror that is Plan 9 From Outer Space! (1958)

That’s it for now! Back soon with another collection of cool trailers!



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