More Movies to Look Forward to

In view of Flash’s last post, I think it’s time to plug the trailer for the movie “Monsters vs Aliens” which seems to be looking to invoke the movies of the ’50s:

Not only does it upgrade the ’50 ft Woman’ of yore to 50 stories, but heck, any film that not only has House’s Hugh Laurie as a Mad Scientist Cockroach, along with Stephen Colbert as the President of the United States, has to have something going for it.

And, following in the ’50s Alien Invasion Theme, here’s a movie that looks at it from the other side:


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One response to “More Movies to Look Forward to

  1. Flash

    Those both look absolutely hilarious..
    “Here comes…Suuusan!”

    Love the Alien dog in the second one, absolute genius.

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