Movies to Watch For.

Thought I’d put in a word for the upcoming Wolverine: Origins film:

I think part of what makes me want to watch this film is the fact that they’re including some of the lesser known supporting characters in the Marvel Universe – characters like Gambit, Deadpool, and the Blob. That, and the fact the Liev Schreiber’s Sabertooth is such an improvement over the character as he was portrayed in the first X-Men movie.



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9 responses to “Movies to Watch For.

  1. Flash

    I’m actually becoming quite fond of Deadpool. Very entertaining. Definitely looking forward to the movie.

  2. dan

    Yeah – properly done, he’s a interesting character – and Ryan Reynolds is a pretty good choice to play him. I would have rather seen him playing ‘The Flash’ but on the other hand, given that any movie would probably be about Barry Allen, maybe not – Ryan seems more the Wally West type.

  3. Flash

    Definitely more Wally – you’d need someone more straitlaced for Barry. Kinda gets me to wondering who they will cast as Hal Jordan, as the Green Lantern movie is supposedly the next one in the DC queue. I’m thinking George Eads (from CSI) or David Boreanaz (who did the voice in New Frontier). Nathan Fillion would be good.
    It is a complete waste that they have not gone ahead with the DCU movies – the characters are iconic, and Warner Bros. also owns DC Comics – a natural match, no negotiation required.

  4. dan

    Well, the buzz right now is that Warner Brothers looked at the recent crossovers in the Iron Man/Incredible Hulk movies and wants to do something similar – which I’ll agree would be a natural, what with the ownership and all. As for who to play Hal Jordan, I’ll agree that Boreanz would be good, or Fillion for that matter. It’s interesting you picked those two however, considering that there’s buzz that Neil Patrick Harris is apparently being considered for the Flash, it’ll either be the two voice actors from New Frontiers for the roles, or it’ll be a reunion of ‘Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog’. Of course, I’m apparently the only one (aside from Peter David) who thought the previous rumours of Jack Black as Green Lantern might have been able to work – not as Hal Jordan, but more Kyle Rayner – the everyday slob who gets the most powerful weapon in the universe that noone thinks he deserves….

  5. Flash

    Ugh. I’m so glad they didn’t go that way. GL isn’t my favorite DC character (my name’s not Green Lantern, after all:)), but even he wouldn’t deserve that. Jack Black would have made it a mockery, even playing an inept slob. Kyle (in my opinion) would require a sense of innocence and naivetĂ©, not stupidity and a lack of couth.
    GL deserves a real sense of awe and mystery: an ordinary man who is sought out as unique and granted the most powerful weapon in the universe, and becoming a member of an intergalactic police force, which carries with it some implications for mankind, as well as the immense responsibility required from just one man. Assuming Superman inhabits this DCU, the world knows about aliens, but suddenly we become active members of an interplanetary community rather than just an adopted home.
    I think I’m working on a separate post here – stay tuned.:)

  6. dan

    You do make a compelling argument, Flash – I think Peter David’s original point was to caution against knee-jerk fanboy reaction, I can remember similar arguments along the lines of:

    You can’t make a Batman movie with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne!

    You can’t do a Justice League series where the League is based in Detroit!

    You can’t do a Spider-man movie where he has organic webshooters!

    You can’t have Richard Pryor as the villain in a Superman movie! (ok, they were right on that one)

    I think the caution was not to let Canon get to the point of being Dogma and getting in the way of telling a good story. For instance, in the Animated DCU Universe of Batman TAS/Superman TAS/Justice League, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern only makes a cameo appearance in one episode of JLU.

  7. Flash

    I just don’t like Jack Black, to be honest. The rest was an attempt to appear like I was being thoughtful about it.:)

  8. dan

    I kinda liked him in ‘Kung Fu Panda’ but I digress. There are a couple of interesting points in this discussion though – ones I think are worth exploring in further posts:

    1. How much tweaking can you do to a character to adapt it to film/TV and still have it remain true to the original? If we’re using the Flash as a baseline, I’m thinking the eponymous TV series and his appearances in ‘Smallville’ – the latter being a really good example, since the Flash that appears there is Bart Allen.

    2. Expanding further on your point on Superman and the public’s knowledge of aliens – what baseline assumptions do you have to accept in the DC Universe? For instance, I know they’ve written in a ’12th Amendment’ that allows Superheroes to testify in court without having to give their real name.

  9. Flash

    Good questions – definitely worth exploring…

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