The Scarlet Speedster

Some of you out there may not be aware of my namesake’s animated exploits in the 1960’s. Produced by Filmation, the company better known for the animated Star Trek and He-Man, the Flash, along with other Justice League members Atom, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Superman, as well as the Teen Titans, appeared as part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure in 1967-68. Here’s the intro for The Flash:

I was particularly impressed that they used the same font as the comic – but puzzled as to why they gave him yellow gloves and a belt rather than the lightning bolt motif around the waist and forearms, but, well, I’m not an animator.

Here’s The Chemo Creature:

To Catch a Blue Bolt, with Kid Flash in a bizarrely-colored uniform, the wrong colored hair (it should be red), and an apparently hastily-made-up superspeed villain (Professor Zoom was evidently on vacation):

But wait, there’s more! Here’s the Justice League of America in Target Earth. Note that Aquaman appears in the credita as part of the team, however, he does not appear in any of the available episodes. The absence of fish to talk to is a possible explanation:

There’s just some of the fun stuff that’s out there, and rest assured I’ll keep looking…




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4 responses to “The Scarlet Speedster

  1. Doug

    I’ve gotta ask, if they can move so fast that they can’t be seen, wouldn’t it be easier to just go out the front door in the third clip? As opposed to vibrating yourself through a wall.Ah well, the vagauries of cartoon physics are beyond my comprehension I guess.: )

  2. dan

    Flash – if you think that’s an odd costume design for the Flash, you should check the live-action Justice League pilot from ’97:

  3. Flash

    Euugghhh! I’ve never watched it, despite its’ availability – now I know why…

  4. dan

    It’s got a certain ‘car-crash’ attractiveness to it – my personal favourite is that Green Lantern flies by forming helicopter blades with his Power Ring – complete with ‘wop-wop-wop’ sound effects.

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