The Voice of “Figure Eight”

Blossom Dearie, well-known and much-loved jazz singer from New York, has passed away at the age of 82. Why do I make note of this here? Well, I’m glad you asked…

The haunting, childlike voice from this classic 1973 Schoolhouse Rock vignette? That’s right: Blossom Dearie, who at the time was 46 years old. That somehow adds an element of poignancy to me. To have that voice to sing with… It’s no wonder she was popular on the jazz scene for many years. It makes her songs from Schoolhouse Rock that much more memorable, in my opinion.

The only other SHR with Blossom Dearie’s voice was Unpack Your Adjectives:

This was from 1975, when she would have been 48 years old.

Sometimes the losses you don’t hear much about are significant, from an inner-child point of view.


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