True Seventies Nostalgia

I wanted to take a moment to make people aware of a truly hilarious yet informative and nostalgic website, The site has everything from toy catalogs to one of my favorite features, “Fashion Mockery”, which pokes fun at 70s catalogs and the bizarrely-dressed people therein.

Trading cards, action figures, photos from mall appearances by superheroes, you name it, this site’s got it. All the stuff you salivated over in the comic books and on the racks at Woolco? There it is. As the commercials used to say, “Hours of fun!”

Well worth a look if, like me, you were a little kid with an overactive imagination and an insatiable demand for more toys, toys, toys. Plaidstallions is just the thing to bring back those covetous feelings. Here’s a collection of 1970s toy commercials to tide you over until you get there (the first one looks particularly entertaining and chokeworthy):

On a personal note, I would have sold my relatives for Smash-Up Derby. Or, the Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Repair Station. I actually had the Tie Fighter (about 5:00).

Watch closely at the beginning of these next commercials from the 70s and 80s as the Evel Knievel action figure suffers a horrible, near-fatal accident – all in the name of fun!


* Batteries not included.

Addendum: Found another cool compilation – I actually had the high eye-loss potential Battlestar Galactica Viper launcher (about 3:00 in), not to mention a whole mess of the Mego Superheroes (more on them here):


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