I Think People Were Just Stupid Back Then…

That’s the answer that springs immediately to mind while watching this commercial:

I mean, seriously – they didn’t GET that? Perhaps detect a slight HINT of a double entendre? Is that why the lady with the Hair Helmet (TM) winks at the end?

This now seems more like an ‘SNL’ commercial parody than a real commercial…




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4 responses to “I Think People Were Just Stupid Back Then…

  1. dan

    Ah, but Flash, it was a simpler time back then – just look at an cartoon from that time period, ‘The Mighty Hercules’ – nowadays you’d never get away with a theme song that has the lines:

    Softness in his eyes,
    Iron in his thighs,
    Virtue in his heart,
    Fire in every part,

  2. Flash

    Eeew! Enough with the fiery iron-like parts, Herc!

  3. Doug

    Dear christ. And this was offered as family entertainment? There’s no way that they couldn’t have known. Isn’t there? Their R&D section had to be fond of substance abuse. There’s no other explaination.

  4. dan

    Drugs are a pretty handy explanation for much of the ’70s really – look, there was Disco, drugs was the only way to cope with it.

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