Before I Forget…

For the edification of readers, especially my good friend Paul, I offer the opening sequence of “UFO”, the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson series that preceded “Space: 1999”. Their first one without puppets, I might add…





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6 responses to “Before I Forget…

  1. Doug

    Thank you Flash. This is a blogroll addition that I’m sure we’ll allenjoy You know, as big a Gerry Anderson fan as I am, I’d never actually seen any episodes of UFO. There’s definitly a Space 1999 feel to itisn’t there? I have to ask though, what the hell were the thinking when they decided on that net shirt thing for the submarine crew? Time to watch the genius that is Thunderbirds and block the whole sorry thing from my mind.

  2. dan

    Now Doug – there were women on the sub crew, so the net shirt thing had its moments. I trust when you say Thunderbirds, you mean the series and not the movie…

  3. Doug

    There was a Thunderbirds movie? I must have blocked it from my mind somehow. Explains all the scotch in my apartment I suppose.

  4. Flash

    I think they passed a law soon after it was made that forbade anyone from making reference to it. You guys better be careful – I hear they send Bill Paxton after you…

  5. dan

    I think you’re right, Flash, in fact, I think they grandfathered in Galactica 1980 and Highlander II into that law as well.

  6. Flash

    Yes, thank goodness they passed the “Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen” law. Saved a lot of shame for many.

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