A Need Fulfilled…

Good morning all, just thought I’d launch a side deal to provide a forum to discuss the geeky stuff that doesn’t necessarily fit on Blevkog, our long-standing and successful series of political/social/moral/hysterical rants.  One recent post in particular started me thinking how much fun this could be (could be again, actually – “The Inner Geek is Loose” was a forum for similar stuff launched by my compatriot, Dan, which has fallen into disuse).

Look for some of the usual suspects to jump onboard soon, and watch this space as we experience our growing pains and, with luck, settle into a groove.

Be Seeing You


Addendum: I didn’t realize the original site was still active – I thought it had vanished into cyberspace due to inactivity. Oops. Well, I’ve forgotten my password anyway, and I prefer WordPress, so – onward!



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2 responses to “A Need Fulfilled…

  1. dan

    Hey, Flash, congratulations on the new addition! Looking forward to your input and maybe making some contributions of my own between course studies!

  2. Flash

    Wouldn’t have it any other way! I have added you as a user, so feel free.

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